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Ticketfly Refund Policies

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For information on our Ticketfly Refund/Exchange policies please click here.

Additional Refund Information
Opening Acts/Festival Line-up changes
Opening acts or guests may sometimes tour with headlining performers. Ticketfly is not always made aware of opening acts or the length of their performances. These opening acts are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice. No refund will be owed if an opening act is changed or canceled.

Further, we will not issue refunds due to a band being removed from a line-up for a festival.

Miscellaneous Refund Requests

I don't really like the weather, can I get a refund?
Ticketfly does not offer refunds due to poor weather conditions. In the case of a natural disaster, we will contact the venue or promoter of the event for their instructions. In general, all sales are final and all events are rain or shine.
Where do I get a refund for a ticket I purchased at the box office?
Please contact the point of purchase directly. Ticketfly can only issue refunds, when offered, for orders placed through

Bereavement, Illness, or scheduling conflict
The only circumstance under which we can refund an order is if there has been a significant change made to an event and we have announced that refunds are available. We can not offer refunds due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or other personal issues. 
Age Limit and Identification
Please be sure to have your government issued ID with you when you go to an event. Any event that has age restrictions will have those posted on the purchase page for the event and they will require your ID to prove your age. Your ID MUST contain your birth date. If your ID does not contain your birth date, or you purchase tickets for an event that you are not of the correct age to attend, and you are turned away from the venue for that reason, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Please be sure to check the ID laws governing the state in which the event is taking place, and make sure you meet all requirements.

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