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Accepted Payment Methods accepts Credit and Debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover (U.S. only), American Express and Diner’s Club. We do not accept Paypal. 

Gift Cards or Pre-paid Card
If you are attempting to use a pre-paid card or a gift card and are having trouble, the most likely cause is that it is failing our Address Verification. You will need to register a billing address with the card issuing company in order for our Address Verification System to validate the charge.

Most card issuing companies have online forms through which to do so. Look on the back of the card or on the company's website for an area to register an address, or call them, and try your purchase again once the address has been registered. If the event is soon consider using an alternate payment method, such as that of a friend or family member.

Payment submission error: “There is a problem with your Payment Information.”
When this error occurs the CVV code from your card is automatically cleared out as a security precaution. In addition, the card type will be reset to Visa, which is the default. This message is not specific to the CVV code on your card.

In most cases this is due to a simple issue with your address. You must use the billing address that is associated with your debit or credit card to proceed with a transaction*. This means the address that is on file with your bank and is the address that your credit card statements are mailed to.

If you live somewhere other than your billing address, don’t worry. Uncheck the “use billing address as shipping address” box and enter a separate shipping address.

If your payment is not working we highly recommend calling your bank before calling us.

Ticketfly can not provide detailed information about why a charge is not going through. This is confidential information between the card holder and card provider. Only the card issuing company can verify the address information that you have on file. In addition, we are not able to force a transaction through. We verify credit card information for phone orders using the same criteria that we use for online orders so it is likely that if we attempt to place your order by phone the transaction will be rejected for the same reason.

*Please note: We use a verification system known as AVS. When our payment system contacts your bank to verify your address, it is the AVS database that we are having your bank check against. You will need to make sure your bank has your address correctly updated on the AVS database.

We encourage you to contact your card issuer before attempting to purchase again. Multiple failed attempts may result in your card provider putting a hold on your account.

AVS Verification
As mentioned above, Ticketfly uses the AVS address verification system to ensure that an address entered on our purchase form matches the address on file with your bank. Not every bank participates in the AVS system. If your bank does not participate we will not be able to process a charge.

Authorization holds/Pending charges
If an attempt to purchase has failed due to a payment submission error, but you see a pending charge on your account, then it is likely that what you are seeing is an authorization hold. When a purchase is attempted your bank may put the funds on hold while the payment information is authorized. If the payment fails these funds may remain in a pending state until your bank releases them. Only your card provider can release an authorization hold. The hold can remain on your account for up to ten business days.

Charge with no order
If you have attempted to place an order, and have generated a charge on your credit or debit card, but do not have an order confirmation number or email, please contact us. It is possible that you've generated an order, but have simply not received a confirmation.

Double charge
If you see two charges on your statement after intending to place a single order you will likely be able to check your account information to see if there are two orders generated. If there are duplicate orders on your account, or if you have received confirmation emails for two separate orders when you meant to place one, then please contact us. Try to provide as much detail as possible about what happened during the purchase process so we can best assist you.

Ticketfly Accounts

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Do not recognize charge
Click here for more about unrecognized charges: 

What is Ticketfly? I do not recognize this charge.

Fraudulent Charge
If you have a charge listed on your credit or debit card that you do not recognize, we strongly encourage contacting us to be sure that you, or someone in your family that has access to your payment information, did not make the charge intentionally.
Often customers will have purchased tickets for an event unaware that the charge was processed by Ticketfly. If you can provide us with the last four digits of your card number, the date, and amount of the charge, we should have no trouble locating the order associated with it.

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For a questions about refunds, see here:

Ticketfly Refund Policies

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