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I can’t place an order!

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Anytime you are having trouble placing an order, and our call center is open, feel free to call us. However, there may be a simple solution to your problem. Please check here first:

What error are you seeing when you attempt to place an order?

Payment submission error:
“Could not complete sale as requested, there may be a problem with your payment information, please try again.”

In most cases this is due to a simple issue with your address. If you are receiving this error message, be sure you are entering the zip code and city in the correct fields. Ticketfly asks for your zip code before your city as the city and state are automatically filled in once you've entered the zip. You must use the billing address that is associated with your debit or credit card to proceed with a transaction. 

Only the company that issued your card knows what your billing address is. If you get this error repeatedly please contact them, explain that you are trying to purchase from a company that uses real time address verification (or AVS) and ask to verify your billing address. Please note, the address shown on your billing statements or online banking profile may not be the same as the address listed in AVS.

International Customers: While Global AVS is most popular in the US, banks all over the world use it. For this reason, if your country's postal codes are less than 5 digits, you may want to try adding zeros to either the beginning or end of your postal code so that it is 5 digits long. This frequently works for Australian and Brazilian customers. However, if your card issuer does not participate in AVS at all, it's possible that your transaction will not be successfully completed using Ticketfly.

If you live somewhere other than your billing address, don’t worry. Uncheck the “use billing address as shipping address” box and enter a separate shipping address. Please note that we cannot ship to addresses outside of the US or Canada.

Off Sale or Sold Out
If a show is listed as off-sale it means that we are no longer selling tickets. This is most often because it is too close to the show. In cases like this there is a small chance that tickets will be released at the door, but this is at the discretion of the venue. Ticketfly Customer Support can not provide information about how many tickets will be available at the door or what door prices will be.

If a show is sold out, that means there are no more tickets available for sale, and no additional tickets will be released at the venue.

An Error Has Occurred Authenticating Your Request
This error usually occurs while logging in to your account and can be resolved by simply clearing the cookies in your browser or opening a new browser and trying again.

Internal Server Error
This is an error that happens sometimes when security settings cause your web browser to fail to process our website. We typically recommend as a solution that you try to use a different web browser, or clear your cookies. For more information, see this article: Proper Security Settings for

Cart error message
This means that the tickets are all in other people’s shopping carts, or you are choosing a number of tickets that are higher than the number of tickets that are available. If this is for a show that has just gone on-sale, keep trying until it is listed as off-sale or sold out. Otherwise consider calling us.

I can’t create an account
If you are having trouble creating an account, and it is during Customer Support Hours, please call us so that we can assist you.

For more information, see this article:

Ticketfly Accounts

If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, please call us at 877-435-9849. Canadian customers, please call 888-732-1680.

You may want to try logging in using Facebook. For more information on using Facebook to log-in, see here.

Ticketfly and Facebook

Customer Support Hours:
Monday - Sunday 7am - 6pm Pacific Time

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