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Why don't you have tickets for the event I want to attend?

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As much as we would love to sell tickets for every event, we do not. If you do not see the tickets you want on Ticketfly, we either do not sell tickets for that event or the tickets are not on sale yet.

Make sure the artist name is spelled correctly, or try searching for the venue rather than the artist. Try checking the artist's website, since most tour dates will have a link to whoever is selling tickets.

Sometimes a client has simply not informed us of an on-sale, or the event is not live due to some error. If you see a link, email announcement, or social networking alert that an event is on sale through Ticketfly, and you can not find the event, or it is not on sale at, feel free to contact us.

If you know Ticketfly will be selling the tickets for a certain event, please contact the promoter or venue of the event to find out when they plan on putting the tickets on sale.

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