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At the end of May, Ticketfly was the target of a malicious cyber attack. In consultation with third-party forensic cybersecurity experts we can now confirm that credit and debit card information was not accessed. However, information including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers connected to approximately 27 million Ticketfly accounts was accessed. Upon first learning about this incident we took swift action to secure the data of our clients and fans. We take privacy and security very seriously and regret any disruption this has caused. We’re extremely grateful for the patience and support of the Ticketfly community. The latest information is available on this page.

Ticket Transfer FAQ

 *Ticket transfer is only available for selected events that have approved the use of this feature. If you are unable to access ticket transfers, please contact Ticketfly customer support to see what other options you have.

How do I transfer a ticket to someone else? 
Fans can transfer tickets to other fans from their account using our Ticket Transfer web application. Ticket Transfer is designed to work on desktop and mobile web browsers. 

What do you need to do to transfer a ticket? 

For full instructions with visuals visit this article. 
  1. To use Ticket Transfer, you need to log in to your Ticketfly account on the web.
  2. Once in your account, click on ‘My Orders’
  3. Click on the order you want to transfer tickets from.
  4. In the order, click the green ‘Ticket Transfers’ button. 
  5. In the Ticket Transfer window, check the ticket(s) you want to transfer, enter the email of person you want to transfer the ticket, and click ‘Review & Transfer.’ 
  6. A pop up will appear that says ‘Are you sure you want to send this transfer request?’ Click ‘Submit’ to complete the transfer. 
  7. Once you click ‘Submit’, you will see a pop-up that says “Transfer request sent!” This means the transfer request has sent to the recipient successfully. 
  8. The person you transferred tickets to will now receive an email instructing them to log in to Ticketfly and accept the tickets.
  9. Once the person you transferred ticket(s) to accepts the ticket(s), you’ll receive an email confirming a successful transfer and another email with updated order details and remaining valid tickets on order. 

What do you need to do to accept tickets transferred to you? 

For full instructions with visuals visit this article. 
  1. If someone transfers a ticket to you, you’ll receive an email with the subject “Accept your ticket(s).” Click the button ‘Accept my tickets’ in the email. 
  2. You’ll now be asked to login to your Ticketfly account or create a new Ticketfly account to accept your ticket(s). 
  3. Click  ‘Accept ticket(s).’ 
  4. You’ll now receive a Ticket Transfer Confirmation email with instructions about how to use your ticket. 
  5. The person who transferred the ticket to you will now receive an email confirmation of the successful transfer, as well as an updated order confirmation with an updated order receipt and remaining valid tickets in their order

What ticket delivery types are transferable?
Mobile, will call, and print at home orders are available to transfer. Tickets that are printed at the box office and those printed for the fulfillment process for Standard Mail and Expedited shipping are not transferable.Tickets ordered through Ticketfly's phone order system are not transferable.

What if the transfer sender makes a mistake and sends tickets to the wrong email address?
A sender can cancel a pending transfer, as long as the recipient has not accepted the ticket yet. They can then submit a new ticket transfer.

What if the transfer sender changes their mind and wants to reverse a transfer?
Senders can only cancel pending transfers.  When a Recipient accepts a ticket transfer, a sender cannot reverse a transfer.  The sender may contact the recipient and have it transferred back to them.

Does the acceptance email expire for a recipient? 
The email link the transferee receives will expire/cancel if the transferrer scans in with the ticket transfer request still pending (has not been accepted by transferee). Otherwise, the transfer request should be live until the scannable end date.

When a ticket has been transferred but not yet accepted, is the original ticket still valid?
So long as a ticket has not been accepted, the original ticket held by the sender is still valid for entry to the event.

What happens to a pending transfer when a ticket becomes no longer transferable?
Currently, when the recipient attempts to accept their ticket transfer, they will receive an error message.

I logged into my Ticketfly account to transfer my ticket for an event, but I didn’t see the ‘Ticket Transfer’ link in my order details. How come?
Ticket transfer is only available for selected events that have approved use of this feature. Please contact Ticketfly customer support to see what other options you have. 

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