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Are tickets only available at

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Ticketfly does not have any physical sales locations, but sometimes the venues and promoters we work with will sell physical tickets per their own events at physical locations.

If you are unable to purchase tickets via please contact the venue or promoter directly to see if they have tickets for sale on another website, or at a physical location.

Please note that is the only licensed vendor for the majority of the events that we sell for. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from 3rd party vendors or resellers.

Additionally, for some small subsection of our events we do split ticketing, which means that we sell some of the tickets for an event, and another ticketing company sells the rest of the tickets for that same event.

Finally, some larger events have Fan Club or artist only pre-sales, travel packages, or some other special purchases that are only available through an outside company.

Start with the artist's website if you are interested in purchasing a ticket of this type. We may offer VIP or Meet 'n Greet tickets sales for some events.


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