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Ticketfly Delivery Options

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Various delivery methods may be offered, depending on factors that include the venue or country where the event is to be held, the country in which you live, how much time is left before the event starts, whether it is a holiday season and the nature of the demand for the event. Please carefully review the list of delivery methods offered during the purchase process.

Generally, some of the following delivery methods may be offered, subject to additional restrictions, some of which are described further below:

Standard Mail – will be offered for delivery in the US or Canada with at least 18 days left until the event

Will Call – will require that the purchaser collect tickets from the venue upon arrival. Some venues will not issue physical tickets at Will Call, but will instead check attendees off a list.

UPS – for events that occur in the United States and Canada, but only for purchasers who use a United States or Canadian shipping address. Most events do not offer international shipping.

Print At Home Ticket – this may be the only delivery option available for some events that occur in the United States or Canada. This ticket will be emailed to you in PDF format and must be printed out.

Mobile Ticket – This ticket will be emailed to the customer in mobile format and must be presented on a mobile device.

Please note: Standard Mail and UPS, if available, can only be selected at the time of purchase. These delivery methods are not available once a purchase has been made. 

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